Moving forward with hope

Hello everyone!

Thank you for stopping by and reading this. I am making a BIG SALE of Kidphilosophy clothing and free shipping with code FREE SHIPPING (active till the end of May). Please enjoy buying! Tipping is highly appreciated! Thank you!

I have to take my time and think about WHAT is the next step for me and my Kidphilosophy.


It is also tough to focus on creative work when the people of Ukraine, my homeland, are dying because of russian aggression.

So, I will send the money raised out of selling to people who need financial support, who volunteer and defend Ukraine and our freedom. Maybe it is not going to be a lot! But I love my country as much as you love yours.

About shipping:

It is relatively quick to reach USA and UK. Europe 3-4.5 weeks.

I appreciate your support very much!