Garment Care

kidphilosophy, garment care

There are some general rules to maintain shape, colour and quality of your Kidphilosophy garment.


-Wash on a cool setting or at max 30-40°C. Low cycle.

-Wash with like colours and inside out to prevent the surface fibres from breaking.

-Do not over-dry, dry clean nor bleach.

-Hang to air dry without ironing.

-Iron inside out on warm or hot settings.

-For linen press with warm iron when damp to make wrinkles disappear. 



Wear more, wash less. Washing less slow down the fading of colour and ageing of your garment in general.


Sort by colour and type. Generally, you need to sort by colour but also sorting your garments by type can prevent damage of delicate fabrics for example (workwear vs more delicate garments) or temperature (warm vs cold).


Empty pockets, close zippers and make sure to not wash coloured new garments for the first time together with lighter colours.


Go for lower temperatures. No need to boil your laundry! A lower temperature still gets the job done, while putting less stress on your clothing and the environment.


Air dry. Many garments just need to be aired and shaken out properly to be good for another wear.


Repair. Repairing clothes can be both fun and environmental friendly and it is a wonderful chance for your garments to serve you longer. There are many amazing ways of repairing whether it is replacing a button or mending worn pockets, etc.