Hello! Me name is Julia and it is me behind Kidphilosophy website, Instagram account, newsletters, etc.

I began the Kidphilosophy journey before the first women's clothing collection was created. First, I was a travel agent. Then, I owned the art studio and started a kid's clothing brand, etc.


My creative activities and work techniques are based on my fondness for concise shapes and natural materials.

While developing my personal signature style, I realized that nothing resonates with my inner self better than nature’s inspiring beauty, contemporary minimalism, and traditional motifs. So I reinterpret them through the finest flax, recycled textile and oftentimes literally anything else that catches my eye and may be utilized as an accessory, e.g. scraps and clippings of fabric, ribbons, beads leftovers, etc.

All of these factors help me stick to sustainable principles, seek some new forms and solutions, reach the balance between sartorial elegance and cloth structure.


With a little luck, it may as well be some vintage fabric discovered like a real treasure inside an antique long forgotten chest in the attic. It may also be a nonpareil old buttons set. Then the item acquires it’s history and essentially turns into a unique garment.

P.S. My background is tightly connected with art, which inherently affects my vision and desire to bring out the sense of beauty into clothes as well as colour combos I prefer to work with.

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