Sustainable practice. Flashback.

I would like to share a bit about one of my side projects closely connected with sustainability I was engaged into several years ago. Making backpacks for adults and kids was fun. The whole process took many stages before the final result appeared. It was important to use as maximum details from all old jeans as possible to end up with really minimum waste. So take a look at some photos and actually you will learn a bit more about me, a person behind.

This tiny backpack is available to buy from friends of mine Philomena Kloss. Also, they have a lot of funny stuff for all grownup kids. process of up-cycling old jeans. Bright studio and me working on unstitching denimin studio sewing with denim and mustard colours of threads, making new denim backpacksMe, at workbackpack for kids, park strolling during weekendsustainable made denim backpackautumn style for kid and her toysAlso, the main bunch of scraps left after cutting your new garments are often used for making new Philomena toys' clothes.Carefully unstitching denim, separating each detail to reuse it.

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