Worn by Helena Moore. Interview.

pinafore dress, rust linenHelena Moore is known for her dreamlike, vintage-inspired photography. Her images could be taken at any time in the past hundred years; vintage dresses, lace-up boots and wicker baskets evoking visions of times gone by. We love the freedom and movement portrayed in her self-portraits, bringing the dresses that she wears to life. Her imagery is very in-tune with the seasons, featuring floral bushes, cosy indoor scenes and sunsets seen through tall grasses. We caught up with Helena to find out a little more about how she likes to wear her Kid Philosophy dresses and who she is beneath her clothes.

Hi Helena, can you tell us a little bit about you?
I am a wife and mother of three. I was born and raised in Michigan, growing up in Ann Arbor, a beautiful college town with lots of history and an appreciation for artists. Now I live with my family in the middle of the state, out of the city where there are much more open fields. I have always done a lot of drawing and painting since I was young, however, it wasn’t until after my kids were in school that I first picked up a camera as a medium.

What is your favourite piece from the Kid Philosophy collection?
My favourite item from Kid Philosophy is definitely the pinafore apron dress. I just love a beautiful cross back style and the versatility of the piece. It can be worn from summer to winter just by adding a top with sleeves, tights, a cardigan or a sweater.

Could you share a memory of wearing this garment?
I love wearing this piece on a summer holiday. I can remember living in this at our summer island cabin in the middle of Lake Michigan, surrounded by beaches, sunsets through tall golden weeds and end of summer apple trees.

When do you wear your Kid Philosophy dresses?
Kid Philosophy dresses are so versatile. I feel comfortable wearing them casually, or anytime I need to feel pulled together and confident.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say that my style is simple vintage with a heart, focused on slow living and slow fashion. I always prefer natural fabrics like linen or cotton and I usually wear more neutral tones. 

How do you get dressed in the morning? What decisions affect your choice of what you wear?
Living in Michigan the weather is always a big factor in choosing what to wear. I always need to be conscious of having pieces that can transition from warm to cold weather. I also dress for comfort and simplicity. I don’t choose anything too fussy or that I have to think too much about.  

Who are you beneath your garments? Do the clothes that you wear reflect your personality?
Yes, I believe my clothing choices are a good indication of my personality. I am naturally a slow person and try to live with intention and simplicity. This combined with being artistic I think is why I gravitate towards slow fashion and handmade garments that are timeless and made beautifully with care.

Where do you look for inspiration - for work and for the way that you live your life?
I’m very inspired by the slow vintage lifestyle of good quality food, clothing and homes. Visually, I’m inspired by moody imagery that feels like dreams or memories.

Interview by Emma Lavelle

Helena Moore, wearing Pinafore dressHelena Moore, wearing Pinafore dressVintage Style Pinafore dress, rust linenHelena Moore, near the sea