Worn by Dominique. A girl with an amazing smile.

pinafore dress, summer yellow

Meet lovely Dominique. I always think about her as a girl with a fantastic smile. Dominique lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her profile is full of cosiness, cute little vintage things, books and clothes. She has an appealing sense of style which I admire a lot—the way she chooses accessories, shoes, hats, etc.

Dominique is wearing a Pinafore dress, summer yellow and all-way classic Pinafore dress, black linen with a blouse under it.


-You create both drawings and photography. Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Creating visual representation of what fuels me and of all the things in life that amaze me as a person is such a ritual that helps me keep myself grounded and dreaming at the same time. The little joys in life, the little pleasures, green spaces, the immensity of nature, romanticism and everything vintage get me dreaming, creating and surrounding myself with art that fuels my mood.


-What got you started down the path of a creative life?

Let's say that I have been attracted to art since my early childhood. I was raised surrounded by artists, as long as I know my dad, he has been carving beautiful shapes out of wood for necklaces, rings and earrings. My entire environment is anchored into art. I hardly imagine myself not speaking this language.


-What places do you like spending time in? It can be place in your home/house.

The first place I like spending time in is my bedroom. This is where my shelter is, where I nurture my inner child and where I water my mind.

Second one is Nature. Nature really takes my breath away everytime. Whenever I'm outside to relax, I'm always surrounded by nature, the contact of tree barks, the smell of leaves, grass and the damp soil, everything gets me dreaming and I couldn't be more grateful for this.


-Is there any bright memorable moment from your childhood that you treasure for a lifetime? Or a person you are grateful for?

The one that instantly comes to my mind is a lovely night in the countryside. We were many kids (cousins, friends) sitting around my beloved aunt in her small garden, listening to her usual chilling stories. We were scared and peaceful at the same time since the mood was so dreamy, there were fireflies all around us and also among the trees branches, plus the hot chocolate we were sipping was so yummy.

Nothing particular but what I remember was that every little sound we heard in the darkness of the night would almost make us running to hide inside the house. But we were still enjoying my Aunt delightful wisdom, her charming story-telling skills and the privilege to be around family and friends. It is always when we grow up that we realize how precious those little moments will always be.

pinafore dress, summer yellow linen

pinafore dress, black linen