Old books, antiques and forest

Meet Lola. She is an Instagram figure behind the woodwitchh account where she shares photos of books, antiques, self-made corsets, lovely dresses, etc.

Lola wears Signature design Pinafore Dress in lavender linen paired it with romantic style blouse, cute socks and shoes.

pinafore dress, linen, romantic look


-Where are you based/live? Where are you from?

I live in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and lived there my whole life.

- It seems you admire forests a lot. What about the sea?

I genuinely do admire forests. Going to the forest is like coming home each time. It’s where I go to find myself and recharge. It’s a form of self-care to me to see how beautiful mother nature is and the tiny creatures that live in it.
And I do, of course, adore the sea as well. But we don’t have it here, so maybe that’s why the connection may not seem as strong as it is with the forest.

- How did you start your Instagram photography/blog?

I started my Instagram page back in the autumn of 2020. I guess I just wanted to have my little gallery to remember beautiful things I see and share with the world my passion for old things and nature. It was like creating a safe space where I and others could come, dream and romanticise life for a wee bit.

- What are your interests? What do you do in your spare time?

I’m the kind of person that has 100 hobbies at a time! I always have some sort of project going on. But it mainly consists of thrifting (I’m always searching for pieces of history and treasures), anything artsy and crafty such as sewing, photography, drawing, and interior decoration. Oh, and let’s not forget my usual forest adventures and of course reading a good book!

- What good do you expect from 2022?

Maybe that sounds a little simple, but all I wish for 2022 is more love, happiness and freedom to anyone who needs it.
If there’s one thing those last two years taught me, it’s that you shouldn’t expect too much from anything.

linen pinafore dress