Meeting people. Steffi Bauer.

I visited Steffi at her bright, cosy studio while I was travelling to Munich in October.

I think we are constantly influenced by many things and, certainly, people around, learning from each other "broadcasting" our interests and values, philosophy, lifestyle, etc.

-When/how your career as an artist started?

My career started when I was still studying. One of my professors recommended me for a job at a fashion firm. I had to make my first drafts for a t-shirt design and I got the job. During this assignment, I knew that working with textiles was something I wanted to do.

-What inspires you?

Mostly my inspiration comes from nature and quiet places. Over the years I find it more and more important to take intense breaks at the right time (not too late) and be surrounded by nature and its voices. No loud and heavy sound, no music.

-How much time do you need to create one illustration?

Well, the time it takes me to create an artwork or pattern design really depends on my mood. But there are some strategies that help me get into my workflow. Such as starting with the most difficult and challenging job in the morning and working through it until I am happy with the first drafts. Working through tasks is something that I had to learn anyway. I was more the kind of starting one task than another and at the end of the day, nothing was finished. So the structure is a very big topic when it comes to my workflow.

-Do you have any routine that helps you organise your working day in the studio and set up your mind for work?

Since we were talking about structure… I am starting with a coffee, filter coffee with my Chemex can. Then checking the plants on the balcony and taking care of the ones in our flat. Making my first Instagram post, and then starting with the jobs I have a deadline. One at a time and always planned a few days ahead (if something is not working out) In the afternoon, there is some time for free drawing and taking photos of textiles or prints.

-How do you spend your spare time?

I love to visit my parents in the countryside, they have a dog now and walking with him over the fields really calms me down. Also, one of my favourite things in the world is taking way too long baths with candles and reading a good book.

-How about your inner child? Do you have that connection?

My inner child is pretty out there I would say. I am a very emotional and sensitive person, very spontaneous. Sometimes, when I am really stressed out or questioning myself, I have the thought of hugging my inner child and calming it down. Literally, I am telling it that everything will be ok. That is brilliant and helps every time.