Loungewear. Inspired by warm earthy colours.

linen loungewear set, linen bathrobe, linen kimono jackets

Simple, comfy loungewear with a lavish touch of luxury.

Inspired by the earth beauty, this warm, deep earthy-coloured linen sets may be worn whether you are working from home, running errands, exercising, or resting up; you can agree the comfort is now essentials!

Available in flax, chocolate and terra colours.


  • Everyday Comfort. Loungewear of linen is soft and breathable, it has relaxed, snug fit. Kimono style linen jacket with long sleeves - just roll them up if you need and fix with a little button. Linen trousers or linen shorts-choose what is best for you.


  • Perfect for Exercises. You will not experience anything better than wearing loungewear for morning or evening warm-up stretching routine. The fabric and fit flow in sync with your body and allow much movement.


  • Working from Home. If you have switched to working from home, loungewear will look elegant on you while staying comfy for that daily video call meeting, for example. Also, it looks so chic with a lovely  thin sparkling necklace string. Just add jewellery if you like that way.