Luxury of neutral clothes.

I created this look to spread my love towards neutral colours of clothes. Neutrals are stylish and versatile; they can be mixed and matched with other vibrant colours to create a sense of balance and spike interest. But even when you choose a single colour, it may work great if you just put some effort into modifying the original design by making it more individual, tailoring forms and shapes, adding drapes where needed, etc. 
Oli linen dress, flax stripesOli dress paired with a shirt, a long wrap belt that naturally highlights the waistline, prompts any silhouette to look more feminine, and make multiple layers work just perfect together to avoid the threat of 'getting lost' between the layers of a unicoloured outfit that blur together charmlessly and dull. It's not a rule, of course.

mirror reflection, a young woman sitting at the table in chic neutral lookI also like the idea of adding socks (they are not seen very distinctly here, but can still catch a glimpse of them), covering up a certain tomboy mood beneath all the elegance.back view, flax stripes shirt and a dress, neutral looksew pattern used as apart of decoration in a cafe

drinking black coffee

Enjoy your favourite coffee!

Photo Oksana Zviagintseva

Location Atelier Coffee and Crafts