A plain shirt may become one of the best items of your wardrobe. Some tips about Painter shirt.

black linen shirtGoing back to the first sample, comparing it with today’s products, such an ordinary “regular shirt” has undergone multiple changes and went through impressive modifications: from certain variations in the shoulder line, length, volume and, most importantly, seamstress work. Close attention to details and constant creation process observation allows me to capture the essence of things, and realize how each item can serve the buyer best, what role it will play in a wardrobe and how often it will be employed.

Not only I consider Painter shirt the most required product in the store but also, it is my personal favourite I wear quite often. French side seam, neatly machined side slit soft line hem, long sleeves and cuffs. The shoulder seam is processed by overlock only so that the shoulder looks neat and feels soft. Painter shirt may become somewhat of an overshirt, which, complemented with a belt, would accentuate your waistline. Alternatively, you may choose a belt made of the same fabric; or even a different coloured one, matching your skirt or dress.

Some tips: Feel free to go for your actual size: a shirt may be tucked into a skirt (it may take a bit of an effort to tuck it carefully into trousers, though); as it’s not a tight fit, your look would maintain simple, effortless elegance. Yet, if you’d prefer a slightly more relaxed/casual look, definitely go for size or two to large!

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